About Us

Hello, We are Certified Makeup Addicts.
Established 2013 – NJ.

Certified Makeup Addict was founded by a tried and true makeup hoarder. She loves makeup and all the glamour it represents. After trying the various online makeup bartering and trading communities, she experienced the major downsides of these communities, such as swap lifting, counterfeits, items arriving damaged in the mail, or worst of all –items in unusable condition. Instead of abandoning the makeup community entirely, she decided to improve and unite it!

In past two years, Certified Makeup Addict has emerged as one of the best online beauty destination in New Jersey with over thousands of happy customers. Certified Makeup Addict prides itself for offering 100% genuine brands on discounted price.  Certified Makeup Addicts growth are its people, young men and women committed to bringing the magic and delight of beauty to your doorstep.


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Certified Makeup Addict is so far the best online shopping site I have ever used to buy branded products.